Prevention of sexualised violence

The ZHS collaborated with the department of Sport and Health Sciences in order to launch the initiative of ‘Prevention of sexualised violence in (university) sports’. The objective of this initiative is to inform and sensitise lecturers, students, trainers and instructors plus to de-tabooing this topic.

Sports unite – sport represents community! This includes to deal with topics such as sexualised violence and its prevention in a sports context. Currently numerous sports umbrella associations, organisations, universities and their sports departments are processing and picking up the topic of Prevention of sexualised violence.

We would also like to approach this topic proactively and to take a clear position – thus we make the following claim:

We treat each other respectfully, mindfully and appreciatively! We look at this subject!

Kicking off this joint initiative of ZHS and the department of Sport and Health Sciences and keeping the aim in mind to create a sustainable campaign, we organised online workshops for our full-time employees in February / March this year.

Building upon this, the next steps of this initiative are already ongoing and will be communicated and implemented accordingly throughout the next weeks and months. This includes but is not limited to the creation of a code of ethics, an intensified communication within the ZHS sports offerings and the departments education and the publication of ‘first aid guidelines’. In summary all these measures should raise awareness and sensitise for appropriate actions.

Your contact persons at ZHS are:

·        Andrea Wolfrum

·        Lutz Herdener


In the future, more information and documents will be available here on the ZHS website.