Our Team

Five full-time department heads are responsible for the sports-related issues in mass sports. They are responsible for the conceptual and organisational supervision of the following areas: Ball & Game Sports, Mountain & Climbing Sports, Fitness & Health Sports, Martial Arts, Dance, Trend & Leisure Sports, Gymnastics & Athletics, Aquatics and Winter Sports. They are also responsible for the selection, professional supervision and further training of the more than 400 course instructors in order to ensure the high quality of our courses. Competitive sports are the responsibility of the ZHS management. The university sports locations in Freising and Landshut are supervised by another department head.

Management: Michael Hahn

  • Director of University Sports Center in Munich
  • Head of department SG for swimming

Division 1: Klaus Beer

Room no: 15213

  • Winter sports
  • Water sports 1 (canoe, rowing)
  • Gymnastics / track and field
  • Fitness & health (fitness studio)

Division 2: Thomas Plank

Room no: 15223

  • Climbing & mountain sports

Division 3: Isabella Schmitt

Room no: 15216

  • Fitness
  • Dance
  • New & intramural sports  

Division 4: Tobias Borucker

Room no: 15214

  • Water sports 2 (sailing, surfing)
  • Swimming
  • Diving

Division 5: Ernst Thaler

Room no: 15214

  • Martial arts
  • BTA (Beach & Tennis)

Division 5: Andrea Winkler

Room no: 15214

  • Ball & Play Sports  

Division 6: Tobias Pylypiw

Weihenstephaner Berg 13 (office in TuG), Freising

  • Freising
  • Landshut
  • Triesdorf

ZHS administration

This is where all the threads come together: Ticket bookings, online registration for courses, creation and issuing of the ZHS-Card, course organisation, occupancy planning for the sports facilities, procurement and administration of sports equipment, organisation of the equipment maintenance department and the beach and tennis facilities, accounting/billing, accident reports, contractual matters and billing for course instructors.

Anahita Martirosjan

Director of administration 

Room no: 15222

Ph: 089-289 24661

Petra Hain

Room no: 15220

Ph: 089-289 24668

Tamara Kramheller

Room no: 15221

Ph. 089-289 24727

Sabine Weinrich

Room no: 15221

Ph. 089-289 24651

Tina Wörle

Room no: 15220

Ph: 089-289 24662

Torsten Hinzmann

Room no: 15221

Ph: 089-289 24729

Andreas Wischnewski

Manager of the equipment center

Ph: 089-289 24607

Alfred Schmuck

In charge of the equipment

Ph: 089-289 24718


Equipment master

Tel.: 089-289 24718

Ursula Palm

Receptionist at beach- and tennis courts

Ph: 089-351 91 88

Brigitta Filipovic

Receptionist at beach- and tennis courts

Tel.: 089-351 91 88

Michael Schwarz

Receptionist at beach- and tennis courts

Tel.: 089-351 91 88