Our Climbing and Bouldering Facilities

The climbing and bouldering facilities at the TUM Campus in the Olympic Park include an indoor and outdoor area.
We have scheduled the following opening hours for the winter semester until 10th of February 2024.

Monday till Friday 3 pm to 10 pm
Saturday 9 am to 3:30 pm

The indoor climbing hall offers about 84 routes on 770 m² of climbing space, from inclusion to popular sport to high-end performance routes, on 40 belay lines up to a height of 13.50 metres. The varied terrain - vertical walls, intersections, pillars, edges, easy and strong overhangs - is generously distributed among the three sectors, course, popular sport and performance area. The innovative Clift Climbing System is currently installed on one of our total of three Auto-Belay lines (instruction required!) and delights with dynamic interactive tracking, games and analysis.

Above the training and therapy room, which is equipped with a campus board, moonboard, system wall and therapy wall, is the bouldering gallery. On 165 m² of climbing space, you will find about 40 movement problems of all levels and styles.

The outdoor climbing facility is embedded in the green and quiet Olympic Park in a unique ambience. The 570 m² climbing area of the "Twins" faces in all directions, with shady or sunny sides at all times of the day. The sculpture, which opens conically towards the top with a large archway, offers about 80 routes on 47 belay lines in the vertical, but mainly in slightly to strongly overhanging wall slopes. When it rains, only the lee side remains largely dry.

Next to the "Twins" is the "Blockseminar" in a similar design - our outdoor bouldering area, which offers 275 m² of bouldering space (also oriented in all exposures) and varied terrain. The jump and fall areas are equipped with soft floors.

You can find more details about our climbing and bouldering facilities here

You will also find us on Vertical Life.

Booking procedure - What is needed for the free climbing or bouldering training?

1. Eligibility

The prerequisite for participation in ZHS sports is the Basic Ticket , which must be purchased per semester.

2. Climbing and bouldering authorisation

Climbing authorisation is a prerequisite for the purchase of the Ticket K. You can acquire the climbing authorisation either after successful participatoin in our courses (e.g. complete courses), by presenting the DAV Vorstiegschein and/or if you are a mountain guide.
Boudler authorisation: you do not need a special authorisation for free bouldering, you only need to buy Ticket B per semester.

3. Ticket K (= climbing) and Ticket B (= bouldering)

Attention avoid booking without having the authorisation beforehand, because a refund of the costs is unfortunately not possible.
If the authorisation mentioned under 2. is available, the Ticket K (100,00 Euro) can be booked. Ticket B (50,00 Euro) can be booked without prerequisite. Instruction will be given on site. The respective ticket entitles the holder to use the climbing and bouldering facility. This is used by the ZHS to finance route construction, maintenance and repair work, thus maintaining the attractiveness and quality of the climbing and bouldering facility.

4. Training time slots

With the purchase of the Ticket K or Ticket B, a booking confirmation will be sent, in which the link for booking training time slots will be communicated.

Note: The Ticket K or Ticket B entitles the holder to book timeslots free of charge, but does not constitute a priority seat.

The climbing or bouldering facility may only be entered with a booked time slot.
Non-compliance will be punished with the withdrawal of the climbing or bouldering authorisation.

Free Climbing and Bouldering in Winter Semester 2023/24

Use of the rope climbing and bouldering areas of the indoor and outdoor facilities

Opening hours will be based on the availability of the facilities for the ZHS and availability of KBA service staff.

The outdoor facility will only be opened by the KBA service in suitable weather conditions (dry and sufficiently warm)!

If the facility has to be closed spontaneously due to illness of the facility staff, we ask for your understanding. You will receive a message by email as soon as possible that your booking / slot for the respective day has been cancelled. If you do not read the info mail and find yourself in front of closed doors, we regret this circumstance and ask you not to enter the facilities. Security will check the facilities in this case.

Respectful cooperation

During the free training, the participants show consideration for each other; this applies in particular during the climbing courses of the ZHS and therapeutic climbing. At route construction times, the respective sections or even the entire facility are closed for free training.
Do not come too early and leave in time! We explicitly ask to check in during the first 15 minutes of the booked training time slot and to check out during the last 15 minutes in order to avoid crowds on the traffic routes and in the anteroom.
If a time slot cannot be taken, we ask for cancellation as soon as possible out of fairness to the other interested parties. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life the cancellation can be forgotten, in this case we will remind you once. For the following times we reserve the right to block your slot booking for two weeks.
At the same time we ask you to book only ONE slot (on ONE of the facilities) after 18:30 to make climbing our walls possible for all users. In case of fully booked slots we reserve the right to cancel double bookings. If there is still capacity after your booked slot (in the morning - in the afternoon for sure, in the evening mostly), you can simply extend your slot on site at the facility service!

Possibilities to obtain a climbing licence

Climbing authorisation:

  • Presentation of proof of successfully completed climbing course or climbing technique training at the ZHS or.
  • Presentation of a certificate from another institution (DAV, commercial mountaineering school, climbing hall operator): not older than 4 years and minimum of 12 hours of climbing instruction or
  • Presentation of the IG-Klettern climbing card with lead climbing authorisation or
  • Presentation of the DAV climbing certificate for lead climbing or
  • Presentation of a trainer's licence for sport climbing or high-altitude touring, candidate mountain guide, army mountain guide, state-certified mountain and ski guide, completed mountain rescue training.

Career changers (i.e. persons with climbing experience) can acquire the climbing authorisation by successful participation in an fuse update course.

Why is a time slot booking system needed?

  • More flexible and extended usage times
  • Significantly increased space available with increased quality of use (no overloading of the facility with high waiting times and increased risk of accidents)
  • Infection protection: to better maintain distances, for contact tracing, for regulated coming and going - fewer encounter points on the traffic routes in the climbing area due to time offset (15 min. check in at the beginning and check out at the end of the time slots)


Checks will be carried out on the course. The respective valid K-Ticket or B-Ticket, a booked training time slot and corresponding optional additional qualification (e.g. instruction in the use of the auto-belay system) must be presented.

In case of violation, the climbing or bouldering authorisation may be revoked.

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