ZHS Card Collection Munich

Issue of ZHS Cards in the months of July 2024 
Please make sure to bring your students ID or employment record - thanks
Where: TUM Campus in the Olympiapark on the 1st floor vis à vis the Infopoint

Day until 18th of July 24 (last date of ZHS Card issue summer semester 2024)
each Monday 4 pm - 7 pm
each Tuesday 11 am - 1 pm
Thursday 4 pm - 7 pm

 P.S. We look forward to every card being collected (especially those produced in previous semesters) - c u soon!

Attention: No ZHS-Card-issue from 22nd of July to 12th of September 2024

ZHS-Card Collection Freising

Campus Freising/Am Weihenstephaner Berg 13
Pick up at the supervisor office of the gym-fitness 1st floor only.

Montag and Wednesday in between 8am - 10 am 
Tuesday and Thursday in between 4pm - 6pm

How do I get a ZHS-Card?

After booking the Basic Ticket, you will receive (within one week) an email at the email address you provided, asking you to upload JPG-documents.
The documents are required for the one-time issuance of the ZHS Card upon initial registration and for updating the eligibility upon renewal for the following semester.

For the initial issue, please bring your student card or employment ID-card - thank you!

The semester-by-semester update/renewal takes place at a special ZHS validation terminal, which is located on the campus 1st floor near the infopoint.

For inquiries regarding the ZHS Card, please contact us via contactform  using ZHS-Card as concern - thank you!

Which documents do I have to upload for the ZHS-Card?

Please upload documents in jpg.format only

Initial application:

  • Everyone: Digital portrait photo in passport photo format
  • Students: Student ID (matriculation certificate, student card)
  • Employees: Service identity card (Personal-Card)
  • For civil partnerships: Proof of main residence


  • Students: Student ID (matriculation certificate, student card)
  • Employees: Service card (personal card)
  • for civil partnerships: Proof of main residence

When and where do I have to validate the ZHS-Card?

When to validate?

  • After booking the Basic Ticket to get the correct semester imprinted on the card.
  • After booking a swimming course (Imprint: S) or free swimming (Imprint: Sf). The imprint entitles you to enter the swimming hall.
  • After booking a ticket (B, F, K, T) to get access to the corresponding sports areas.

Where to validate?

The validator is located to the right of the Infopoint.