All participants at the ZHS need a ZHS-Card with valid semester entitlement (Basic Ticket).

The Basic Ticket as a prerequisite

The Basic Ticketentitles you to participate in the Central University Sports Centre in the respective semester. Only after booking the Basic Ticket will you be able to register online for all sports courses and free play / training.


By booking the Basic Ticket, you give the ZHS a continuous SEPA direct debit mandate for the current semester. This is the legal legitimisation for the collection of ticket and course fees.

If you are an active member of the Förderverein, you do not need to purchase a Basic Ticket. It is already included in the extended membership fee.

Who is entitled to participate?

Eligible to participate in university sports are the members according to Art. 17 (1) BayHSchG of the state universities in Munich, Freising and Landshut as well as of the non-state universities and employees of the authorities or institutions within the remit of the Central University Sports Office Munich who are directly involved in university education. Participation does not apply to members of higher education institutions funded by the federal government.

Students at other universities (including those abroad) are also entitled to admission, provided that their main place of residence is Munich or they can prove that they are staying in Munich for study purposes.

Relatives of the above-mentioned persons are also eligible, but must provide proof (e.g. joint tenancy agreement or certificate of registration).

Members of the booster club of the ZHS are eligible to attend. Former students have the opportunity to join the booster club. You can find more information here.

Further information on entitlements can be found here.

Where can I validate my ZHS-Card?

The validator is located to the right of the Infopoint in the new sports building at TUM Campus Olympic Park.