Announced events/courses may be cancelled in individual cases WITHOUT entitlement to compensation by the ZHS for the following reasons:

  • the course day falls on a public holiday
  • the course leader is prevented from attending at short notice and no qualified substitute is possible
  • disruptions in the course of operations (construction work, repairs, etc.)
  • the sports facility is occupied by competitions, further training or other events
  • due to weather conditions 
  • in case of force majeure

We and the course instructors will make every effort to inform all participants in advance (by e-mail) about the cancellation.
Refund of the course fee: 
Should there in a special case be an exceptional claim for a refund, we would get in contact by sending an unsolicited email to all registered participants.

Some courses require compulsory attendance, especially at the beginning - please read the course information carefully beforehand and inform the course instructor via contact form  if you are absent - thank you!

We ask for your understanding that we are not allowed to pass on the details of our course instructors. However, you are welcome to write to them using the contact form; please always state the course number in the subject line, as this makes it easier to forward the information promptly - thank you!
On a voluntary basis, the course instructors will contact the participants shortly before the start of the course; this enables both of you to get in contact. It goes without saying that we respect each other's privacy in this case - thank you!

Payment options: currently payments are only possible via SEPA direct debit.

No, the Basic Ticket cannot be cancelled. A refund of the costs for it is not possible.
Membership is only valid for one semester and is not automatically renewed. Unless a new Basic Ticket is purchased for further semesters, you are automatically deregistered.

These enquiries must be communicated to the ZHS administration via contact form  mentioning the course number.
Cancellation is possible 1 month before the course starts. A processing fee of € 20.00 will be charged for a withdrawal.
For courses during the semester break, withdrawal is possible at least 1 month before the start of the course and also at the latest by the end of the semester programme.
After expiry of the cancellation deadline you may offer the course in the course exchange forum  to be able to find an exchange partner*in.
Rebooking: due to organisational reasons, rebooking is not possible.

In the case of high course fees, it is advisable to take out travel cancellation insurance. The course fee will only be refunded after the course has been settled.