ZHS Munich wins test series against PSV Munich

After the successes at the general German university championships in floorball in 2015 (P3), 2016 (P1) and 2017 (P3), as well as winning the Bavarian hobby league in 2017 on the small field, floorball was limited to individual university tournaments. Since the weekly training units, due to a lack of hall availability and a lack of gangs, only allowed training on the small field, there was not much to report in the following years. But now...

Floorball has been on the upswing for almost a year now: there has been a team since October 2022 and instead of small field in one part of the hall, "large field", the supreme discipline, is now played in three parts of the hall.

The changeover from small-field to large-field tactics took a little while for the participants, but the level of play is now impressive. Winning the test series against PSV Munich is no coincidence: after an initial 7-1 defeat at the beginning of the semester, the ZHS team got rolling and won the second leg 6-9. So in this series a decision game had to be played, which took place two week ago at the end of the semester. The university team from ZHS Munich won 10:5 and showed offensive moves, defended well and could rely on their goalkeeper.

Due to the excellent performance, there were even inquiries from a Bavarian Bundesliga club for some players from the ZHS team.

With the good new general conditions, nothing stands in the way of the further development of floorball at the ZHS: These test games should become an integral part of the large field course. The quality of the training is high, as students from the Bundesliga club FC Stern Munich also use the training opportunity and pass on their knowledge to the ZHS teammates - a win-win situation for both. Speaking of winning: There are currently considerations to organize the ADH Open, for the first time on a large field, on the campus on Connollystraße. Then the ZHS Munich team on home soil would be about more than friendly wins...


Text: CG/TW