Closing in November due to Covid19

As an institution for recreational and popular sports, the ZHS has to suspend the presence program until further notice after the resolutions of the federal / state meeting on October 28th.

Due to the resolution of October 28, 2020, we as an institution will probably have to close from November 02 until the end of the month. This applies to any presence offer, regardless of individual or team sports.

To provide a little more clarity, we have compiled your most important questions and our answers: 

#1: Will the courses take place until November 2nd?
Yes, the courses take place regularly until November 2nd. If there are any changes, your course instructors will inform you by email.

#2: are the swimming pools open?
No, not from November 2nd.

#3: Can I do individual sports?
No, at least not through the ZHS. As an institution, we always organize individual sports for several people. According to the resolution, you as a private person are allowed to practice individual sports.

#4: Do you get the money back for the tags or course fees?
No, refunds will not be issued. The contributions have not yet been collected. In addition, the sports program is expected to be offered again in December. A (pro rata) reimbursement for additional course fees is currently still being discussed. Information will follow shortly.

#5: Can online courses be booked with the S tag?
To book an online course, you need the H-tag.

#6: What is the program for sports students?
Special rules apply to sports students, as sports are part of the class. According to the decision, universities must remain open, and classes for sports students must be guaranteed.