All participants at the ZHS need a ZHS-Card with valid semester entitlement (Basic-Ticket).

The Basic-Ticket is a prerequisite for admission and entitles you to book our courses.

For technical reasons, it is currently not possible to trigger the e-mail directly. Therefore, there will be delays. We apologise for this and thank you for your patience.

The Basic Ticket is valid for one semester.

The ZHS-Card must always be collected.

Yes, you have to register for ALL offered sport activities.

Register for email alerts or take a look at the course forum:

No, there is no waiting list per se, however we offer a kind of notification service. If the class you want is fully booked, you can use the notification service by giving us your email. As soon a spot frees up, the system sends a notification to everyone interested in the class. It is important to hurry and register, because it is first come first serve.

Fees are determined based on the kind of course and your status group: students pay the fees listed first; employees, relatives and members of the booster club pay the higher fees listed second.

The amount of the fee depends on the type of course/offer and the status group: students pay the first-listed course fee; employees, relatives and members of the booster club the second-listed, higher fee for the course/offer.

All students and employees of Munich's state universities can participate in Munich University Sports. In addition, various non-state universities, institutions and people with other status have been granted the right to participate. See details under Terms & Conditions.

Spouses and partners are also allowed to participate, as long as they show proof of sharing the same address. Also children have permission, as long as they are entitled to child allowance.

Participation of minors

(1) Minors under the age of 14 are not permitted to participate in university sports.

(2) From the beginning of the 15th year of age, participation in the course operation is only possible after consultation with the responsible department head.

Please direct your questions to the e-mail address of the ZHS office:

No, not all events take place on the campus. The ZHS has also rented school gyms in the city area for some offers. In addition, outdoor sports in particular take place at various places off campus.

Please follow the signs within the campus or look at the map online. It is essential to follow the posted instructions on campus. You can also obtain information at our infopoint (please note the opening hours).

When you finish your studies, you have the opportunity to join the ZHS booster club, Verein zur Förderung des Zentralen Hochschulsports in München, Freising und Landshut e.V. By contributing 30€ annually, you support the university sports program. If you pay an additional 124€ each year, you have access to the wide range of sports ZHS offers.

As an employee of the university, you can also continue to book courses. In this case, your category will change. See also here:

If it is a course with extra costs: withdraw up to one month before the course starts by email to (20€ withdrawal fee)
If the withdrawal deadline has passed or the course has limited places: offer in the course place forum (if a swap partner has been found, please inform the administration: