How do I get a K tag?

The K tag authorizes you to climb at the ZHS Munich facilities. 

You have to have the K stamp before you can obtain the tag.
You can obtain the K stamp where tags are issued.

To obtain the K stamp, please present one of the following:

  1. Proof of a successfully completed climbing course or climbing techniques training at ZHS, or
  2. A certificate from another institution (DAV climbing center, commercial mountain climbing school, climbing hall). It cannot be older than 4 years ago and must include at least 12 hours of climbing courses, or
  3. A climbing card from “IG climbing” (climbing association) with lead climbing authorization, or  
  4. A climbing card from DAV with lead climbing authorization, or
  5. A copy of your trainer’s license in sport climbing or alpine tour, trainee mountain guide, alpine trainer, state-certified mountain and ski guide, or mountain rescue training. People with experience in climbing can obtain the K stamp by successfully completing a certification course. 

 Helpful tips: You do not need a climbing stamp or tag to participate in an official class. Taking a class in boulder training or an introductory class in mountain climbing is not enough to obtain a K stamp.

How do I get an F tag?


The F tag gives you access to the workout rooms for fitness and rehabilitation. Here is where you can lift weights. Just like the K tag, you need to get a stamp in order to be authorized to buy a tag.

The stamp will be issued after completion of an introductory course.