Validity of semester tags

Issuing tags SoSe 2019 (summer semester 2019) starts on 01 April 2019.

Validity of SoSe tags 2019: 01 April 2019 - 26 October 2019

Issuing tags winter semester 2019/20 starts on 30 September 2019

Validity of winter semester tags 2019/20: 30 September 2019 - 02 May 2020


Anyone wishing to take advantage of ZHS’ classes and facilities needs to have a ZHS participant ID with the appropriate tags.

The next pages contain important details about ordering your ID and the tag system.

For more general information please visit our FAQ page.

Who is allowed to access ZHS?

All students and employees of universities in Munich, Freising and Landshut are allowed access to ZHS, as well as relatives and members of the Fördervereins (booster club). An exact breakdown of who pays what for which access can be found under access authorization and tag fees. Relatives need to present proof (e.g. mutual rental agreement or registration card).

Students from other universities (also from abroad) are also allowed to participate at ZHS as long as they’ve registered Munich as their permanent address, or if they can prove that they are in Munich for a school-related reason.

Alumni always have the opportunity to join the booster club. You can find more info here.

An overview of four semester tags


Events in the swimming pool (classes and open swimming):Tag S
All other events:Tag H
Access to fitness studios and rehabilitation:Tags H+F
Access to climbing facility:Tags H+K

If you fulfill the following requirements, you do not need to take an introductory class in order to receive the K tag: requirements

Semester tag checkpoint

There is a checkpoint at the entrance of the TUM campus in Olympiapark where IDs with semester tags will be checked.