Privacy policy of classes system

I agree to the terms of use (see below) when using the class availability forum, in particular that ZHS accepts no liability for the content of the postings.

I am aware that my personal data will be saved and used appropriately according to the Personal Data Protection Act.

Terms of Use for the Class Availability Forum


  • People posting on the forum are exclusively liable for the accuracy and content of the posts. As a general rule, ZHS cannot verify the content posted or the identity of the posters.
  • A post can only be accepted in the database if the content is regarding a class being offered or searched and does not violate the purpose of the site.
  • Commercial posts are not permitted.
  • ZHS may delete posts at any time and without previous notice if these posts violate the terms of use and/or contain illegal or inappropriate content.
  • Personal data of the posters serves exclusively as contact information for people interested in the corresponding post. ZHS employees never access this data. Posters contact each other and interested users directly and without ZHS’s involvement, which includes use of the email form.
  • You accept these terms of use upon use of the exchange.