Munich students participating in World University Games


The two TUM students Manuel Scheibel (Judo) and Christina Hering (Athletics) started for the german team in this year's Universiade in Taipei (Taiwan). Manuel Scheibel won the bronze medal with his team.

At this year's Universiade, the student counterpart to the olympic games, two students from Munich were among the German National Team. Christina Hering competed in the athletics competitions over the course of 800 meters. In the semi finals, the TUM student qualified with a time of 2: 03.58 for the final race and thus achieved a respectable 8th place.

At the beginning of the tournament, judo fighter Manuel Scheibel was waiting a new edition of last year's European Championship final. With a powerful performance he was able to win the fight sovereignly. After a further victory against the Hungarian Bartha, he had to face the consolation round with a defeat. With two victories, Scheibel was able to qualify  for the battle for the bronze medal. However, he could not escape the pinning technique of his opponent from Japan and finished on a very good but ungrateful fifth place. At the end of the tournament, he was able to go home with a medal nevertheless: the men's team Judo could win their first fight against Chinese Taipei with 5: 0. In the next fight there was unfortunately a clear defeat against Japan. But here, too, Germany entered the consolation round and defeated the team from Latvia. In the ensuing battle for bronze, the Italian team waited as opponents. Although this team consistet of only three fighters, it had won 3: 2 three fights in the main round. In the last fight, however, the German team managed to win the bronze medal with 3: 2.