Munich Spatzen bring back the university sports crown to Munich


On June 27 and 28 the Augsburg Lions invited to the ADH Open (University Sports Championships) in flagfootball. Accompanied by perfect weather, students from all around Germany competed for the academic title in flagfootball, that was finally won by the team from Munich.

The Munich Spatzen.

The team competing for the title.

Relief and joy about the victory.

Report by the Munich Spatzen:

The group phase was scheduled for Saturday. We were able to win in 2 rounds against the university teams from Augsburg and Dresden, with a point difference of 172-54.

The final round was held on Sunday. In another group, the University of Magdeburg scored another place in the final round. Their journey ended soon, though, with a loss against the Munich Spatzen with 55:0.
The opponents in the semi-finals were the Trier Biber, who were defeated with 52:6 under 32 degrees Celsius temperatures.

A strong opponent waited for the Spatzen in the finale. A well-known rival in the finals for the university crown... the Mainz Legionaries! Peppered with top-class players they made it difficult for the Spatzen in the first half of the game and took the lead with 7-20.

The Spatzen entered the second half with a highly motivated offense. They scored and were able to catch up to the opponents. In the following offense-drive, Mainz made a momentous mistake that was followed by a pick6. Only two minutes played and the Spatzen were back in the game! Shocked by the pick6 the offense from Mainz had a hard time getting through the Munich defense rows. Final score: 34-26

Munich is German University Champion 2019!

The players' relief to have turned around this final game is visible on the photos. The Spatzen say thank you to the organisers, the Augsburg Lions, and to the other competing teams for the fair and fun games!