After a long wait: Gymnastics DHM in Munich


After 11 years, the German University Championship (DHM) in gymnastics is taking place in Munich again. The goal is the second title in a row for the men of WG München as well as another title for the women. In the adh-cup the title defense is the main goal.

After the last DHM in Munich took place in the year 2008, it is about time that the competition takes place in Munich again. 480 athletes are expected to come to Munich on June 14th and 15th.

Last year, the gym situation in Munich did not allow us to organise a DHM. Now, the gym belonging to SVN Munich has been found in order to organise this big competition there. The schedule is packed with all the athletes competing in the DHM and adh-cup. 32 teams are expected for the DHM, which works according to international competition rules. 40 teams are going to participate in the adh-cup with modified rules. Moreover, 28 single starters are registered. Among them, some might be candidates for the gymnasics finale on saturday evening.

2018 in Karlsruhe, the male WG Munich team prevailed against WG Stuttgart. Furthermore they took home the adh-cup titles of the last two years. The female team is looking back on an incredible result as well, with the runner-up place to the WG Karlsruhe team. Both teams are very well prepared this year and are hoping to continue their success.

The decisions for the individual titles are going to be exciting, too. Several Bundesliga athletes and a number of former national team athletes are coming to Munich. Above all, the participation of national gymnast Andreas Bretschneider for the University Chemnitz is promising a spectacular show.