Roofing Ceremony for the new Sports Campus


On Tuesday, May 21 2019, the roofing ceremony for the first stage of construction was celebrated. The gyms - a total of 14 - will be used by ZHS participants by the summer semester 2020.

Michael Hahn, head of ZHS, (ganz rechts) with representants of TUM, construction ministry and the building authorities

A drink for good luck

Construction progress in the gyms

42.204 square meters ground, 300 offices, 15 diagnostic rooms, 14 gyms, 12 auditoriums and 5 workshops will constitute the new building of the TU Munich campus in the Olympic Park (CiO). The state Bavaria invested around 160 mio. euros.

On Tuesday, May 21st 2019, the roofing ceremony for the first stage of construction was celebrated. The Münchner Abendzeitung and München.TV reported (see below). The design is built by architects Dietrich/Untertrifaller with wood and glass. For minister Hans Reichhart, the 185m long and 153m wide building combines many of the guiding ideas of the Bavarian construction administration: "The new building will be special in many ways. Not only does it integrate architectionally adapt into the exceptional construction culture of the Olympic Park. Moreover, it is energy conserving, because it is built 80% of wood. This is extraodinary in such a big building and represents our wish to conserve resources. The quality of construction is very important to us."

TUM-chancellor Albert Berger emphasises the significance of the new building. "We are prepared for the future with this fascinating and functional building and can effectively address the topics 'sports and health' and 'prevention and rehabilitation', which belong to the mega-topics of our time, in research and teaching."

The sports faculty and the ZHS can make use of many opportunities. "The new building is impressive and very alive thanks to the wood constructions. The glass fronts, that allow a look into the seminar rooms and gyms, connect theory and practice. At the same time it invites its users to physical activity, which is important in our lives in order to stay healthy", says dean Prof. Dr. Renate Oberhoffer.

The construction process will be finished by 2023. There are two construction phases. Right now, the gyms are being built. They will be ready by summer 2020. Then, the remaining gymns will be torn down and the other construction parts will by added by 2023.


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