ZHS Sailing Team successfully participated in Kornati Cup


From April 28th to Mai 2nd the Kornati Cup took place in Croatia. It is one of the biggest amateur regattas for yachts. The team starting fot the ZHS took home a good 8th rank in their group of 24 boats.

The ZHS team on the Albedo. (from right to left, above: Frank, André, Balint, Michael, Padde, below: Marie, Daniela, Nico; Foto: privat)

Focused as always, our cox Daniela and Padde on the sheet rope. (Foto: Balint Kiss)

After the start it was important to make tactical plans and to optimally trim the boat. (Foto: Peter Barnert)

An impressive view when the whole regatta field is approaching. (Foto: Gerd Schmidleitner)

A happy regatta team after the successful week. (Foto: privat)

Every year at the end of april, one of the biggest amateur regattas in the Mediterranean takes place. There, in the waters of Biograd, more than 100 ships start in several groups. A ZHS team, made up of ZHS skippers ("Bootsführer") and sailing course instructors, started in the biggest group Bavaria Cruiser 46 (24 charter ships identical in construction).

The regatta week started on Saturday with the arrival from Munich in Croatia. In the afternoon, we got our chartered ship, the "Albedo", in Pirovac, and prepared for the week. We made use of Sunday in order to train with our freshly assembled crew (four of them had already participated in regattas together and four newbies joined the team). After the training, we went to Murter, where registration and the opening ceremony took place. A reason for its popularity is most certainly the evening events with food and free beer.

On Monday the competition started: On four competition days, 6 races were held per day. The first one around buoys, the following as navigational races with islands and peninsulas as markers, which had to be circled in a determined order.

The opening race around the buoys went very well and the team landed 6th place. The second, longer race of the day led us from Pakostane to Opat, around the peninsula and to the goal in Piskera. The success of the first race wasn't repeated, but the 8th place garuanteed a better-than-expected day.

The second race day held two longer races. After a few unfortunate tactical decisions we had to accept rank 13 (the worst result of the races is deleted in the final results). The second race went better and led to rank 10. The success of the day was to overtake a competitor shortly before the goal which allowed us to have a laid back evening in the marina of the island Zut.

The following days had each one race. Especially on the third day, the race was very long and demanding (many boats were disqualified). We scored the 8th place in this fifth race, above all thanks to the final meters towards Biograd.

The last day was exciting: Many boats had a similar final result and everything was possible. With a little luck and after some challenging situation we managed to leave behind one of our rivals and landed in 6th place - a fantastic end to this race series.

This left us with a final 8th place after six races. Apart from the strong Russian teams, who placed 6 of the first 8 ranks, only one Austrian boat (the "Dia" with skipper Thomas Rupp who used to be an active sailor for the ZHS, too) beat us. Very happy with the result, we enjoyed the final celebation and started back home.

The regatta was a great start into the season and we would like to make use of the opportunity to say thank you to Tobias Borucker and the ZHS for the support. See you soon at the ZHS water sports facility in Starnberg!

Your ZHS sailing team on the "Albedo"


P.S.: If you want to find out more about the Kornati Cup, you can find more information online on or talk to one of us when you see us in Starnberg...