The First Game Day of the German University Championship in Mixed-Fastpitch-Softball


The Munich Krasshoppers are the Mixed-Softball-Team of the universities in Munich and participate every year in the college-series, the national university championship in Mixed-Fastpitch-Softball. Find the game report of the first day here!

translated Game report by Cheng-En Lu of the first game day in Munich on May 4th 2019

The season started early this year: already on May 4th the Krasshoppers received their guests from Landau, Freiburg and Karlsruhe. The Hoppers started the day early in order to prepare everything. Lines were drawn, benches and pavillions were set up. Thanks to the preparations by the ZHS there weren't many stones to be collected beforehands. Right on time they finished and at 10 am the game against Landau started.

The Lazy Bones were in the lead early on. Despite their tries, the Krasshoppers did not catch up. Thanks to strong pitches by Chris and a strong defence the team prevented their opponents from scoring more runs, but were not able to turn the game around. The end result: 19-4 for the guests.

Landau Lazy Bones |5|2|1|0|2|9|

Munich Krasshoppers |0|0|0|2|2|0|

Everybody could get some tasty food for lunch. The weather on the other hand was not quite as appealing. The pavillions were removed before the wind could destroy them. Only the sales tent stood after some time. Everybody hoped that it wouldn't rain (spoiler: it'll rain. Despite the uncooperative weather, the game against the Freiburg Warthog started after the lunch break.

Thanks to a great performance by Susanna and Marco the first two Outs were secured. Simon in the Left Field caught the Flyball, therefore the team from Freiburg could only score a single Run in the first Inning. The game continued with a similarly strong offence. The weather was on the side of the Munich team - it only rained whn it was their opponents turn. The Krasshoppers ended the game with 2-1 through Mercy-Rule and the seasons starts for Munich with a 1:0 in the overall results against Freiburg.

Freiburg Warthogs |1|0|0|

Munich Krasshoppers |10|8|3|

The left over cakes and sandwiches were eaten during the afternoon break, while the weather got continuously worse. The cold made you want to drink mulled wine, but before somebody froze to death, the third game started against the Karlsruhe S-Cargos.

The Karlsruhe team had already played two almost three-hours-long games and the cold rain was strenuous for everybody. Nonetheless, the S-Cargos had to play again. The extraordinary defence by the Krasshoppers made it impossible for the S-Cargos to turn the game around for them. After two Strike-Outs the only sprint by the Karlsruhe Team in the second inning was stopped by a precice throw by Lucas on the first base. Only in the fourth inning, the guests managed two runs and prevented losing the game early. The team rather wanted to take a warm shower than facing the cold outside and Philipp ended the game with the third Out by a great throw on home. The Krasshoppers won the game with 16-2.

Karlsruhe S-Cargo |0|0|0|2|0|

Munich Krasshoppers |7|7|2|0|X|

Even though the Hoppers were exhausted at the end, they had to tidy up in the cold rain. The benches were removed und the wet clothes were hung up to dry. A game has never lasted this long, some said, but at the end of the day, everybody was happy about the two wins and is looking forward to the rest of the season.

Thanks to the Umps and everybody who came. See you next time!