Munich University Championship Orienteering


Accompanied by sunshine, the first Munich Open University Championship in Orienteering took place on May 1st on the area of the ZHS beach courts, the Olympic Park and the Olympic Village.

The winners of the first Open Munich University Championship Orienteering

The winner Dianora Herashchenko (LMU Munich) on her way to the last post with the Olympic Village in the background.

The winner Shankara Isha Berger (LMU Munich) shortly after start with a map and SI-Chip.

Runner-up Isabel Seeger (TU Munich) after the 10th post on the Olympic Mountain.

Orienteering is a varied nature sport for body and soul. With the help of a map and a compass, checkpoints, so-called posts, can be reached in the terrain (park or forest). Orienteering is fun, physically and mentally demanding and at the same time strengthens fitness and sense of orientation. This is the readon why it is also part of the ZHS sports program.

On May 1st, the university championships took place at the same time as the 3rd Munich O-Cup. The number of participants shows that orienteering is becoming more and more popular: Together with the participants in the O-Cup, more than 110 runners from 5 to 67 years old took part.

A total of 20 posts were to reach, 5,3 km air-line distance and 130 m altitude difference had to be conquered. In the women's competition Dianora Herashchenko (LMU Munich) took home the title with 29:23 minutes. Isabel Seeger (TU Munich) and Núria Badia Comas (ZHS München) took 2nd and 3rd place.

In the men's competition Shankara Isha Berger (LMU Munich) won with 28:25 mins and had the edge over Tobias Pflumm (TU Munich) and Victor Apostol (CPE Lyon).

A big thank you from the ZHS to Marian Schmidt of the Orienteering Club Munich for the report and photos! More information and pictures of the competition can be found on their website and facebook page