Construction Update


The sports campus used by both TU Munich and ZHS will be fully reconstructed by 2022. After about one year of construction work a lot has already been done.

Lots of glass, wood and concrete come together for the reconstruction.

Construction of one of the sports halls in progress.

The whole area of the olympic park, where the sports campus is located, is protected since it was erected for the Olympic Games of 1972. This, but also the mere size of the project, have been and continue to be a challenge. The two big users of the campus, i.e. the faculty for sports and health of the TU Munich and the ZHS, are able to observe the progess on the construction site - be it on-site or online via Webcam - because since construction started it has been worked on almost every day, even all throughout winter.

The three most impotant materials that are being used are concrete, wood and glass. In the future, big windows will not only let a lot of natural light into the sport halls, but they will also allow to look into all the rooms. Of course, there are going to be possibilties to protect oneself from all-too curious looks, if needed. Besides the reconstruction of the sports halls, new seminar rooms, a huge auditory as well as a library and cafeteria will be created. The student servicing areas are expectedly going to be ready for the winter semester 2020/21 and the remaining faculty in 2022.

After completion of the campus the system of access to the ZHS sports programs will have to be changed, as the gate will be moved inside the building. However, right now the focus is still on the construction process of the project by architecture firm Untertrifaller and Balliana Schubert landscape architect (click hier for an outline of the project with pictures).