ZHS awarded with the title "University of the Year"


The ZHS was named university of the year by the adh on November 18. "We are very happy to be awarded this prize by the adh. It is a great appreciation of the good job our team did over the course of many years.", says Michael Hahn, the director of the ZHS.

Michael Hahn, TUM vice-president Prof. Dr. Hans Pongratz and the team of the ZHS accepted the award during the 113th general meeting of the adh (German University Sports Federation) in Potsdam. Prof. Dr. Renate Oberhoffer, dean of the faculity of sports and health sciences, is glad "that the huge commitment of the ZHS employees is recognized. The faculity is very proud to be linked to the ZHS. (...) Our most important concern, namely the improvement of students' and employees' health through exercise, is implemented perfectly at the ZHS."

The main highlight in 2018 was the beachvolleyball student world championship in July. 128 athletes from 29 countries came to compete in the Olympic Park. Luciano Cabral, vice president of the international university sports federation FISU, claimed: "This world championship was an excellent event in the history of FISU. We will fondly remember it for a long time!"

The ZHS' day-to-day business is to create an attractive sports program for students, alumni and employees of universities in Munich. About 1.400 courses in more than 100 different kinds of sports are offered by more than 700 instructors every year. About 16.000 students, alumni or employees make use of this offer per semester. "The ZHS is in its function as provider of leisure sports one of the central institutions in students' lives in Munich and therefore a place of encounter for many students, alumni and employees of many different universities", explains Hahn. Apart from the sports program during the semester, the ZHS organises many elite sports events, for example German championships, or supports students who take part in university sports competitions. With success. This year, the ZHS won the overall university ranking again. "As a university sports institution in an Olympic city, elite sports traditionally play an important role. We have ideal training conditions for many sports. Many elite athletes, who are not from Munich and do not want to join a sports club in Munich, find a home with us", Hahn sums up.

"The diversity and number of German university championships taking place in Munich on the highest possible level concerning not only the organisation but also the athletes' performances as well as the above-average number of participants of students from Munich in national and international student-competitions proves the extraordinary performance of the ZHS", establishes Jörg Förster, chairman of the adh.

For the future, ZHS-director Hahn plans a further expansion of the sports offer. New modern buildings are being constructed on the TUM campus in the Olympic park for 135 million euros. "The new buildings will give us more possibilites to continue to offer an excellent program", says Hahn.