Success for Gymnasts from Munich


The teams from Munich scored several wins during the German gymnastics championships of universities in Germany that were held from November 2nd to November 4th in Karlsruhe.

The German gymnastics championships of universities in Germany were held from November 2nd to November 4th in Karlsruhe. A total of 65 gymnasts and fans from Munich took part in it. On Friday the male DHM-team (competing according to international competition standards) won by a margin of 3 points. Part of the team were Markus Müller, Stephan Trattnig, Martin Hartner, Stephan Urbin, Manuel Förster, Jonathan Kriegelstein and Moritz Kraus. The female DHM-team, also competing according to international standards, were considered most likely to win. Although they had had to face several injuries in the past year, they were able to show even more difficult routines than in the years before. They scored second place by only a narrow margin. Part of this team were Teresa Greither, Stephanie Galler, Lisa Genter, Alessa Wirth, Lisa Dauth and Martina Gerhard. Stephanie Galler with a 10th place and Stephan Tratting with a 5th place were the best gymnasts from Munich – even though both were battling serious injuries in the beginning of 2018.

The adh-cup was held on Saturday. The women’s team improved by a lot and managed to win against 20 other teams. Franziska Mack, Adina Hausch, Alina Färber, Antonia Reffler, Alexandra Rother, Hannah Kreß, Antonia Pawlowski and Lisa Mertes were the winning team. The men’s team continued this series of success and had the edge over the competition. The gymnasts Max Eberle, Michael Urbin, Julian Gottwald, David Niederer, Nikolai Wolf, Paul Huber, Paul Seipl and Michael Meyer showed impressive routines. After the finals Markus Müller was declared the winner of the championship on the pommel horse and Manuel Förster the runner-up on the high bar. Also successful were Stephan Trattnig (4th place, floor), Moritz Kraus (4th place, rings), Stephanie Galler (3th place, jumps), Teresa Greither (2nd place, bar) and Lisa Genters (6th place, uneven bars).