Double victory in trampolining


With two gold medals in synchronized trampoline, the Munich students return from the German University Championships Trampoline.

Maximilian Ferling at the men's final

The Urbin brothers at the final of the men's synchronized competition

Sucessfull defense of the woman's synchronized title by Lara Hüninghake and Elisabeth Vogt

This year's German University Championships (DHM) in trampoline were held on April, 28 in Stuttgart. Of course, an 18-person delegation from Munich, around her two coaches Lara Hüninghake and Elisabeth Vogt, participated. A total of 122 women and 97 men competed in the largest trampoline DHM of all time.

The two munich ladies Verena Stahleder and Elisabeth Vogt (both TUM) were able to secure a ticket for the finals of the top 15 participants. There, Verena landed the 11th place in her very first participation and Elisabeth was pleased about an excellent 5th place. Three men from Munich made it to the final. There, Sebastian Klinger (HM) took the 12th place in his first DHM participation. The two veterans Ferdinand Lorenz and Maximilian Ferling (both LMU) ranked 9th and 7th in the top ten. The LMU team Maximilian Ferling, Ferdinand Lorenz, Stephan Urbin and Séverine Ehrhardt narrowly missed the podium position and had to be satisfied with the 4th place. The completely newly assembled team of the TUM (Jaqueline Schaupp, Laura Grasemann, Verena Stahleder, Elisabeth Vogt) still reached the 6th place out of 38 teams.

However, the Munich students did not want to go home without a medal and hoped for the synchronized competitions. In the men's, the brothers Stephan (LMU) and Michael Urbin (HM) started for Munich. The two gymnasts showed three flawless exercises and were able to secure the outstanding 3rd place in a field of well-known trampolinists.

In the women's synchronized competition, Jaqueline Schaupp and Verena Stahleder (both TUM) made it to the final and finished in a good 7th place. In addition, the two longtime friends Lara Hüninghake (COE Munich) and Elisabeth Vogt (TUM) had to defend a title. After a miserable obligation in the preliminary fight, they were able to easily make up for their mistake in the final and can now call themselves German university champions in synchronized trampoline for the fourth time in a row. In mixed competition, Andreas Groh (LMU) and his partner reached the final, but unfortunately had to settle for the ungrateful 4th place. The Munich couple Sebastian Klinger (HM) and Séverine Ehrhardt (LMU) showed three stunning exercises on their debut and won gold in this discipline.

Thus, the trampolinists bring two titles from the German University Championships home to the ZHS Munich!