Member fees of the ZHS Munich booster club


The member fee is 30.00 € per fiscal year.

The fiscal year corresponds to the academic year (WS + SS), 01.10.-30.09.

Membership includes access to the water sports facilities in Starnberg for a fee (photo ID required).

Members can apply for access authorization at the ZHS.

With an additional fee of 124.00 € per fiscal year members are authorized to participate in all ZHS activities.

Participating members receive a ZHS ID with passport picture and tags H+S for Winter and Sommer semesters instead of a member ID.

Exceptions are not allowed. When additional class fees are due, fees for employees apply. Tags K and F must be ordered, paid and picked up separately.

Payment and termination of the ZHS Munich booster club.

Payment methods :
Membership and other fees are charged using direct deposit before the fiscal year begins (01.09.-15.09.). Return debits may occur after members receive two reminders according to §4 of the Articles of Association and are excluded from the booster club. For new members, IDs will not be sent until after a successful direct debit. After a week we will assume you want to withdraw your application and will return your money using return debit. Members receive their new IDs or semester tags in the mail at the beginning of the fiscal year or before the semester begins.

When terminating your membership, § 4 of the Articles of Association applies. Termination is only possible in writing at the end of the fiscal year (30.09), and you must give a three-month notice. In other words, you can terminate your membership until 30.06 at the latest. 

Bank account changes:
If you changed bank accounts, please fill out this form and send it to us in the mail with your original signature. 

According to information from the tax office for corporations, the booster club is charitable, but the membership dues are not tax deductible, because they are not used directly for charity. Other fees are also not deductible, since they are only paid to have access to the sports center. Therefore we do not issue receipts. For further information or questions and answers: