1. When and where can I get the semester tags?

You can obtain semester tags during tag issuing hours on the TUM campus in Olympiapark or at the beginning of the semester at the LMU, TUM and HS; also during tag issuing hours in Freising. An overview of tag issuing hours.

2. What do I need in order to participate in university sports?

You need a ZHS ID with a valid semester tag. You must obtain these semester tags every semester by ordering them online, paying through direct debit and then picking them up during tag issuing hours. For a ZHS ID, please bring along the following:

  • Online order confirmation and a one-time written mandate for direct debit.
  • Student ID (Student card) or employee badge
  • Photo ID
  • Recent passport picture (min. 2.5 x 4 cm) (no digital copy)

3. Which tags do I need?

Events in the swimming pool (classes and open swimming):
Tag S
All other events:Tag H
Access to fitness studios and rehabilitation:Tags H+F
Access to climbing facility:Tags H+K 

4. Do I have to register online for all classes?

You must register online when the classes have this symbol next to them, some other reference to a registration start date or a button “Reserve” (Buchen). For all other classes, it is enough to simply appear for the first class.

5. The class is already full - is there a waiting list?

No, there is no longer a waiting list per se, however we now offer a kind of notification service. If the class you want is fully booked, you can use the notification service by giving us your email.
As soon a space frees up, the system sends a notification to everyone interested in the class. It is important to hurry and register, because it is first come first serve.

6. How much does a class cost?

Fees are determined based on your group: students pay the fees listed first; employees, relatives and members of the booster club pay the higher fees listed second.

7. Who is allowed to participate in university sports?

All students and employees of Munich public universities can participate in Munich university sports. Various private universities, institutions, and other groups were also given access authorization. Access authorization and tag fees

8. Can my boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse participate in university sports too?

E Spouses and partners are also allowed to participate, as long as they show proof of sharing the same address. Also children have permission, as long as they are entitled to child allowance.

9. Who can I contact for specific questions about the program?

Our administrative team is available to answer any special questions you may have. Employees at the university sports department are happy to answer general and organizational questions during open hours. Or you can send an email with your question to zhs-h@zv.tum.de.

10. Do all courses take place on the TUM campus in Olympiapark?

No, not all classes take place on the campus grounds. ZHS rents additional space in the city for fitness and ping pong. Particularly outdoor sports activities take place in different places off campus. Here is an overview of our sports facilities.

11. How do I find my way around the TUM campus in Olympiapark?

There is an information booth at the entrance that is open from 16:45 until 19:45. It is the central point of the evening traffic and is happy to hand out information. You can also orientate yourself using the facilities map.

12. I finished my studies - can I continue participating in university sports?

When you finish your studies, you have the opportunity to join the ZHS booster club, Verein zur Förderung des Zentralen Hochschulsports in München, Freising und Landshut e.V. By contributing 30€ annually, you support the university sports program. If you pay an additional 124€ each year, you have access to the wide range of sports ZHS offers.