Sports classes at the University Sports Center in Munich

The University Sports Center (ZHS) offers classes in team sports, climbing, fitness and health, martial arts, dance, new and intramural activities, gymnastics and track and field, and water and winter sports. With approximately 600 classes each semester, we have a diverse program for every target group. Besides the large selection of activities, ZHS makes it possible for students to participate in national and international university championships. Many top athletes’ careers started with student competitions. Because of their numerous national and international successes, ZHS plays a leading role in Germany.

General info for signing up

All participants are required to have the ZHS ID and up-to-date semester tags.

All participants are required to have the ZHS ID and up-to-date semester tags.

If booking a class or using the forum for class availability, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy.

Payment of ZHS Munich classes

Students book classes online and pay using direct debit.

Important: For the first charge to your account, we will need a one-time SEPA mandate (your permission for the direct debit) with your original signature. The system will make the mandate and the debit confirmation available online. You will need to promptly (at the latest when you get your tags) sign the mandate and turn it in to ZHS, preferably when you’re getting your tags, in the mail or by placing it in the mail box at the information booth in the entrance.

Without the original mandate, we cannot debit your account and you forfeit your spot in the class.

What classes are for which levels?

The sports program is for everyone, regardless of ability.

In order to offer a wide variety, classes are divided up based on ability.

Class A: for beginners who want to try out the sport.
Class F: for students at an intermediate level who already know the basics and can improve from there.
Class L: for advanced students with special training methods and a foundation for participating in student competitions.


It is possible to cancel up to one month before classes begin. For classes during semester breaks, you may cancel at least one month before the class begins and at the latest before the end of the semester program.

We charge a one-time 20.00 € processing fee for cancellations.
You may cancel in writing by mail or by sending an email to When dealing with high class fees, we recommend buying a trip cancellation insurance policy. The class fees are not refunded until all payments have been settled. Class availability forum: If a student cannot participate in a class that is already reserved and paid for and they miss a cancellation deadline, or a class is already completely booked, students can use our class availability forum. ZHS is not responsible for resulting payments. Students who are searching pay students directly who are offering. Students need to inform the student office about final exchanges as soon as possible via email: Please feel free to use our online forum anytime.