Beach Volleyball World Championship in our own backyard!


Munich wins the bid for host of the 2018 World University Beach Volleyball Championship


The 2018 World University Championship (WUC) in Beach Volleyball is scheduled to take place at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). The International University Sports Federation (FISU) announced the results on Wednesday, December 8, 2015.

Munich’s technical university will be the stage for this internationally acclaimed sports event just as they celebrate their 150th anniversary. “We are overjoyed to receive the chance to present TUM as a cosmopolitan university,” rejoiced Michael Hahn, the director of Munich’s university sports program.

Bavaria’s capital came out on top against another European competitor during the award procedures and can now continue with their plans. “The next phase is about implementing our plans for the beach volleyball courts. The construction phase should start here next year,” revealed Hahn of upcoming steps. Sustainability was TUM’s main focus during the competition, as they count on continued use of the sports facilities.

However it wasn’t the only idea that helped Munich shine: “We think it’s important that a World University Championship be run by students for students, and we already have some initial thoughts that we are now fleshing out,” explained Michael Hahn. Particularly students from the Department of Sport and Health Sciences will be working closely on the planning and execution of the international sports event.

The Chief Executive of the German University Sports Federation (adh), Felix Arnold is also ecstatic with the contest results. “We were convinced of TUM’s conception 100% from the very beginning, so we didn’t hesitate for a moment to support them.” Looking back at the last WUC in Germany, the 2012 World University Equestrian Championship (WUEC), Arnold emphasizes the potential of such an event. “A World University Championship in your own country is always a huge opportunity, not only for the development of the university’s location, but also for the advancement of university sports nation-wide and the sport itself.”

adh aren’t the only ones that see it that way. The event is also supported by the German Volleyball Association, the city of Munich, Olympiapark GmbH, Munich Student Union and the Federal Ministry of the Interior. Now with the award, the real work begins for Michael Hahn and his team. The organizers have only three years to get Munich ready for this top sports event. Hahn’s anticipation is already unmistakable: “We finally got the green light. And even though we can expect three years of hard work, we’re extremely motivated. Let’s get this show on the road!”

Video: Official application trailer for the 2018 WUC Beach Volleyball in Munich